Tight-arse Tuesday in Surry Hills & Redfern

In need of a Tight-arse Tuesday date suggestion? Spent all your money on #SmashedAvo over the weekend? Don’t worry, the Date Knight has you covered like a Waffle House hashbrown.

Dollar Hotdogs, Free Jazz & Cheap Tinnies

Dollar Hotdogs and Free Jazz. Name a more iconic duo…. I’ll wait.

Actually, when you think about it the combination doesn’t make much sense at all. But in practice, it makes so much sense.

You can wash down the dollar hotdogs and free jazz at the end of the night with a cheap tinnie. That’s Livin’ Barry!

Dollar Hotdogs @ Soda Factory in Surry Hills

Dollar Hotdogs aka $1 Dogs! Prices so low it makes no economic sense. That’s 50% cheaper than the infamous Bunnings sausage sizzle.

What’s almost as impressive as the price, is the choice of hotdogs available and the cheesy puns that are used to name them! The Johnny Drama, The Al Capone, The Frank Sinatra; the list goes on.

Yours truly polished off three different hotdogs, which were tasty, but certainly helped by the price.

To accompany the dollar hotdogs is a range of $5 drink specials available to 7:00 pm. I know what you are thinking…Brian Adams was actually singing about The Soda Factory in his hit song Heaven! Either the Soda Factory or Indian Home Diner, but I’ve narrowed it down to two.

Free Jazz Night @ Venue 505 in Redfern

Call me old-fashioned or even a fossil, but one thing is for certain; the Date Knight loves jazz.

Jazz might not be your favourite type of music, but when you watch it live it goes to another level. Venue 505 has a bohemian vibe, with couches and tables ready for couples and groups of friends to take in the show. If you are on a hot date, getting in early and securing a couch is recommended.

The main show kicks off at 8:30 pm and the halftime break is around 9:30 pm. If you have had enough jazz for one night, you can casually sneak out and head across the road to the Norfolk for a cheap tinnie nightcap.

Cheap Tinnies @ The Norfolk in Redfern

The Norfolk is located 110m away from Venue 505, making it the ideal location to end your night.

Tuesday night happens to be $3 Taco night at The Norfolk, so if dollar hotdogs aren’t your thing, head to The Norfolk before jazz. At some stage during the night, someone will ring a bell meaning that the $3 tacos are now only $1. If you follow The Norfolk on social media, they announce it 30 mins before the bell rings. Saving by the Bell…… just don’t go down the same path as Screech.

A great range of drinks on offer including $6.50 Coronas or $6 Tecate tins, you will find something tasty to satisfy your taste buds at the end of the night.

The Foodservice finishes up at 10:00 pm, so you could even sneak in a post-jazz taco! Just saying…


Recommended days: Tight-arse Tuesday

Total date cost: Less than $50 total (please note, that’s not a typo!)

Romantic rating: 3/5

Spiciness rating: 5/5


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  • Can you please define the criteria by which you base you spiciness rating? If $1 hotdogs get a spiciness rating of 5, what rating will a hot vindaloo get?

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