Romance in Redfern  

Five years ago, if you said that Romance + Redfern would go hand in hand, your friends would have kicked you in the shin. Well, that’s all changed thanks to Gentrification.

Gentrification is one of those overused buzz words that makes everyone cringe. However, no Sydney suburb has undergone gentrification quite like Redfern.

The suburb has become is a honey hole for great restaurants and fun small bars. This romantic date set-up explores two of the suburbs best venues.

Dinner & BYO @ Kepos Street Kitchen in Redfern

“There are barely any good BYO restaurants in Sydney”. Enter an M. Night Shyamalan plot TWIST. The Date Knight sees one, and it’s called Kepos Street Kitchen.

And if there are two things that I love, it’s a good BYO restaurant and share food. Kepos Street Kitchen has a variety of tasty share dishes with a quote, unquote; Mediterranean influence with a Middle Eastern twist.

So, dust off the bottle of Moet that your granny gave you for Christmas three years ago and get ready to slurp down Sydney’s best oysters, freshly made sourdough, homemade hummus and much more.

Book in advance, there is nothing worse than being turned away on a hot date.

PS: If you don’t have a bottle of Champers hiding at the back of your booze cupboard, don’t stress. There is a LiquorLand located at the nearby Surry Hills Shopping Centre aka Murder Mall, so pick one up on the way.

Cocktails @ Vasco Bar in Redfern

Ever chatted up a random Irish person in the taxi line in an attempt to score a free lift home? No? Well if it wasn’t for those circumstances, the Date Knight would have never stumbled across the hidden gem nestled away on Cleveland Street that is Vasco Bar.

This small bar has it all. Amazing tunesssss, outrageous cocktails and best of all, a set of drums and microphone behind the bar that the extroverted bartenders let RIP.

Imagine this. Phil Collins, In The Air Tonight comes on…… remember there are drums behind the bar. The song starts, the suspense builds and then finally the most iconic percussion sequence in history drops and the drum behind the bar lights up not only Vasco’s but the rest of your night.


Recommended days: Friday or Saturday night

Total date cost: Approx $200 total  – start saving your pennies

Romantic rating: 11/5

Spiciness rating: 4/5


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