Cubby’s, Cake and Coffee in Surry Hills

How good was being a kid? Building cubbies and eating shedloads of cake. It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times!

Let’s be honest, becoming an adult is not what you imagined. It’s a tough gig. Basically, the only advantages that adults have over kids are the ability to drink alcohol and coffee, which explains why espresso martinis have taken over the world and ruined my bank account.

So, take a trip down memory lane with this casual date suggestion by enjoying Cubby’s, cake and coffee 🙂

Dinner & BYO @ Cubby’s Kitchen in Surry Hills

By now, you have an understanding about how much BYO triggers the Date Knight. It’s not because I’m tight (ok, in the words of 50 Cent, not a lot tight just a lil bit), it’s because by saving on drinks it means you can focus more on the menu.

Cubby’s Kitchen is a charming Lebanese restaurant where you could order anything and everything from the menu and be so, so, so satisfied. There is pita, hummus, shish kebabs, kafta, harra and labne for days.

It’s hard to beat the food, but the best part about Cubby’s is that Anthony ‘Choc’ Watmough is the owner and on most nights, is the maître d’. Choc ensures you are well looked after and he is hell-bent on making dining a “more fun experience”. Oh, and Choc drops some serious bangers. G-unit!

Conveniently, you can pick up a bottle of wine 50 metres up the road at The Clock Hotel Bottle Shop.

Coffee & Cake @ Kürtősh in Surry Hills

Kürtősh sounds like a word used in a prep rally! So, come on everybody and shake your Kürtősh…

You don’t need high school chants to get motivated for this dessert institution. Kürtősh is a Hungarian pastry house and has a range of tasty pastries and cakes from brandy balls to biscotti to croissants. No matter what you order, that will put a metaphorical cherry on top of your night out. Wash it down with a cup of coffee or tea.


Recommended days: Any night of the week

Total date cost: Approx $95 total

Romantic rating: 3/5

Spiciness rating: 1.5/5


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