Tight-arse Tuesday on Crown Street in Surry Hills

Do you remember shouting those backpackers you just met a round of fireball whiskey shots? No? Well, your credit card statement remembers. The evidence is so damning that Horatio from CSI Miami would close this case in less than five minutes, not the full one-hour timeslot.

So, after strengthening Australia’s international alliances you are now broke and payday isn’t until the end of the month. You are officially in a pickle as you finally coerced your two-week Bumble crush into agreeing on a date (pause to celebrate). What do you do? You do nothing, you sit back, you relax and you let the Date Knight take control.

A royal night out on Crown Street

Could Crown Street be ‘crowned’ Sydney’s best date street? You can be the judge after this punchy night out in Surry Hills.

A drink @ The Dolphin Hotel in Surry Hills

Since the renovations, The Dolphin Hotel has gone HAM. With a massive new dining room, a dazzling rooftop terrace and a welcoming front bar where you feel like everyone in attendance is an old mate, The Dolphin Hotel offers the ‘most complete package’ since Matt Shirvington retired.

Start your night with a bang at the Aperitivo Hour, which I’ve translated for you (it’s a less bogan way of saying the happy hour). The Aperitivo Hour is from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm (Sunday to Thursday) with drinks priced between $5-7.

Therefore, a drink at The Dolphin Hotel will ensure your evening gets off on the right foot.

Dinner @ The Clock Hotel in Surry Hills

Tuesday night is two-for-one meals at The Clock Hotel. The meals at The Clock Hotel are so good that the Date Knight recommends chatting up your next Bumble match and locking them in for a night out, just to access the two-for-one meals.

If your Bumble match is taken aback by your overzealous interest, it might be time to message that friend of a friend your mum keeps threatening to set you up with. You know the one, your mum met her parents when traveling through Bordeaux’s wine region. Remember, she helped them with their luggage? Anyway, I digress. The message here is to find a date and find one before Tuesday night.

Ice Cream @ Gelato Messina in Surry Hills

Not really sure what to say here that hasn’t already been said. Located on Crown Street less than 50m from the Clock Hotel is the ice cream phenomenon known as Gelato Messina. If it wasn’t for the tiramisu ice-cream flavour, the Date Knight would prefer to be at home enjoying a four pack of Colés brand imitation Almond Magnums.


Recommended days: Tuesday nights

Total date cost: Approx $80 total

Romantic rating: 4/5

Spiciness rating: 3.5/5


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